Midway Crossings

Midway Crossings

Completed: 2013
Architect: Bauer Latoza and James Carpenter Design Associates
Address: Ellis, Woodlawn, and Dorchester Avenues Intersections from 59th between 60th Streets

The design of Midway Crossings is inspired by the original Frederick Law Olmsted concept of the Midway Plaisance as a link between Washington Park and Jackson Park with bridges traversing the Midway. Key design elements include lighting masts, railing and retaining walls providing sidewalk-level lighting, and landscape elements separating pedestrians from vehicular traffic.

Light Bridges
The University commissioned James Carpenter Design Associates to design the Crossings as an unobtrusive connection between the north and south parts of campus. With the help of landscape architects Bauer Latoza and lighting designers Schuler Shook, Carpenter conceived of light bridges. These bridges cross the Midway at Ellis, Woodlawn, and Dorchester, subtly lighting pathways during the day and glowing brightly at night. This lighting effect is achieved through linear LEDs that line the handrails, guardrails, and walls of the bridges, and another series of LED spotlights set in the sidewalk that glow vertically. The light bridges are amplified by light masts, which shine light through metal rods.