Cobb Gate

Completed: 1897
Architect: Henry Ives Cobb
Address: 1101 E. 57th Street
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Permanence and Permeability
There is perhaps no better symbol of the University of Chicago than Cobb Gate. Since the founding of the University, its exalted arch and Gothic ornamentation have represented timelessness and taste for generations of students. More than just a decoration, Cobb Gate also serves an important function. In passing underneath and moving toward to the quad, one becomes a member of the University community, a participant in a rich educational dialogue.

Fable in Stone
Said to represent admissions officers, the outward facing gargoyles on each side of the arch control access. Past their surveilling gaze, the ascending gargoyles represent 1st, 2nd, and 3rd years with the proud 4th year gargoyle occupying its rightful throne atop the structure. Whether this hierarchy was in Henry Ives Cobb’s original plan or not, the story has now become part of University lore and character – much like the gate that provides its context.